New Testament

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These translations are excerpted from the full books, The Letters of Paul, The Records of Luke, The Oracles of John and The Writings of Matthew, Mark, James, Peter and Jude, which are copyright () 2005, 2007 and 2009 by the author, William Raymond Finck, Jr., and as a whole copyright () 2009 as The Christogenea New Testament. All rights to this work are reserved by William Raymond Finck, Jr. This work may be quoted from or distributed freely, but may not be edited or changed without violation of copyright. All quotes from or distributions of this work must properly credit the author, as appropriate by law or custom. This work may not be offered for sale or access fee, nor may it be distributed as part of any collection of literature or other data which is offered for sale or access fee, without the express consent of the author. While this work may be distributed without fee, the official publication of this work is found at Any website or other publishing medium redistributing this work must retain this notice.

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